CALLIOPE’S PRELUDE is the twisted story of Dorijan Tavarsku, a wide-eyed and award winning composer. Poised at the ready with his trusty piano, he’ll have you believe he’s the genius behind his music. Every stroke he passes is one of purity, an original creation, but this is all a lie.   Competing in his inner ear, the taunting voice of self-doubt chants “failure...fraud... fool.” His reputation is on the line and the deadline for his new score is looming. He’s a man surrounded by genius, but if not his own...then who’s?


Director Richie Ellis, has collaborated to bring this colorful and confronting script to the screen, working with award winning filmmakers; writer MICHAEL FEIT DOUGAN,  casting director STEVIE RAY ('Lion'), cinematographer DAVID GRIBBLE - ACS ('The World’s Fastest Indian'), and producer ANNIE KINNANE ('FLAT DADDY'). Set to release in 2018, Calliope’s Prelude is just the beginning of a much bigger story. In continuation to this prologue short,  a grander film titled, “THE CALL OF CALLIOPE” awaits. This feature-length script explores the supernatural origins of Dorijan's genius, and is available upon request.